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We  are dedicated  to  placing  dogs  into  loving  and  responsible  homes,  regardless  of  the  breed  or  age  of  the  dog, particularly  those  dogs  who  make  up  70 %  of impounded  dogs  in shelters :  the  dogs  of  "uncertain"   heritage .

Please take note    ---    IMPORTANT :

Caution is always urged whenever you consider placing an animal with a person or organization involved in animal rescue, or whenever you accept an animal from such a person or organization.   It is suggested that you ask for references and information and do some investigation.

In April  1999,  we started  TWO  related  e-mail  lists  that serve as  valuable  resources  for  exposure of  your  needs,  in  terms  of  dog  adoption, whether  you  are  looking  to  re-home a dog, or to find a  new  (rescue) dog companion to add to your family.

One  e-mail  list , DogsNeedingHomes , is  for  people  to  list  a  dog,  or  dogs , needing  a  new  home .    Many  rescuers ,  individuals , and  shelters  alike  list  their  adoptable  dogs  here .  This   e-mail  list  is  read  by  over  500  people .  You  may  easily  subscribe  by  clicking  on

The other e - mail  list , PeopleNeedingDogs , has been  created to give you the opportunity to describe the dog of  your  dreams that  you may be wanting to add to your family.  
This list has a similarly wide daily readership base .             

Here's   wishing   you   a   hearty  welcome    ---   we   are   a   friendly  group ,   dedicated   and   intense ,   but  also   upbeat   and   wanting   to   hear  from   you. Good   luck   in   your  efforts ,   be   they   to   re - home   a  dog ,   or   to   find   a   dog   to  add   to  your   family   !
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