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Subscribing to the free e - mail list
PeopleNeedingDogs :

PAGES  LAST  UPDATED  10/28/ 2000

The  e - mail  list ,  PeopleNeedingDogs
has  been created  to  give  you  the  opportunity
to  describe  the  dog  of  your  dreams
that  you  may be  wanting  to  add  to  your family.  

For  more  information  about  joining  the  e - mail  list , PeopleNeedingDogs , please  visit   the   website:

all  services  are  free  of  charge

Caution is always urged whenever you consider placing an animal with a person or organization involved in animal rescue, or whenever you accept an animal from such a person or organization. It is suggested that you ask for references and information and do some investigation.

T h i s   p i c t u r e   i s   w o r t h   
w a i t i n g   f o r    -   -   -

C A R U S O    A N D    H I S    K I D S   
i n    A P R I L     2 0 0 0


C h .   A f f i r e   O n   A   C l e a r   D a y  ,   F .  C h

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