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THIS PAGE    LAST   UPDATED    11 / 09 /  2000
This excellent  site contains an active database of people willing to do home visits for adoptions, help with transportation.  It also lists Golden Retrievers that are currently  in rescue,whose caretakers are willing to transport them out of their local area .

Greyhound Adoption Group in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.
"Our adoption rep is Ann Whitney.  My name is Diana,and  I guess you could say I am one of those crazy, very active volunteers."

This is our information:
Rainbow's End Greyhound Rescue
Ann and Gary Whitney Adoption Reps
Harvey's Lake, PA 18612
This site is dedicated to rescuing, adopting and living with senior dogs, abuse and neglect case rescues, as well as Dachshund, small breed and all breed rescue.
I have pages for lost and found pets, senior dogs, dogs around the US, dogs in areas Montana other than my local area AND the local dogs, most of whom are living in my house. <G>
"Adopt a rescue dog and have a shadow for life"
THE SENIOR DOGS PROJECT is run by Teri Goodman of San Francisco, CA. Posts ads for older dogs needing homes, and has been written up in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  
Incredible source for Pet Adoptions, Shelter, Rescue and Vet Directories
Too many people overlook the loyal and faithful  " mixed " breed.
Many of these dogs bring the best of the breeds together in a wonderful loving companion, protector and friend.  Links to nationwide resources for adopting mixed breed dogs
ENGLISH SPRINGER RESCUE AMERICA, INC. a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation
Austin, TEXAS:  Great Pyrenees Rescue.
Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue, Phoenix, AZ-based Rescue Group.
We are an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue organization for purebred Labrador Retrievers in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.  We are dedicated to placing homeless Labs into carefully screened, life-long homes.
links to Labrador Rescue websites and other useful sites
We are a new All-breed dog and cat rescue group dedicated to preventing useless euthanasia of homeless animals and educating the public about responsible pet care and ownership.
We are in dire need of volunteers, foster homes and general support.
If you have some spare time please email us at
Feel free to call us at 603-523-9981.  Please ask for Renee Ware

Companion Animal Rescue & Education,  NH
We are a non-profit animal rescue group based in Ridgeland, South Carolina that also works with local kill and no-kill shelters to find quality homes for unwanted animals. These are great animals that deserve another chance at happiness.

On this site you'll find many animal listings with photos and descriptions of the many rescues we offer. Animals listed as available for adoption come from shelters (such as the Jasper County Animal Shelter), free to good home ads, individuals with animals needing re-homing and our own independent rescue so you'll need to check out each one for adoption fee, location and details.
Wisconsin Border Collie Rescue
Racine, WI
This website posts pictures and descriptions of foster dogs in the NH and MA areas. You must be able to come and meet the dog you are interested in adopting.
or call us at 781-396-3585.
Master List of White German Shepherds  and regular GSDs for adoption:
List maintained by Denise Tuttle, White Fang Kennels,
We also have a gallery of pictures on many of the dogs listed.
Illinois Doberman Rescue operates in conjunction with A.D.O.P.T. ("Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment"), a not-for-profit organization based in Naperville, Illinois. (630) 355-2299

The goal of Doberman Rescue is to rescue Dobermans in need, to place them into responsible homes, and to educate the public about the Doberman breed. Our Rescue Dobermans come from animal control organizations, humane societies, and owner give-up situations within Illinois.

After entering the program, our Dobermans are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested (and given monthly heartworm preventative), and AVID-chipped (a computer microchip placed in the dog's lower neck for help with identification should the animal ever become lost).
This page is for the posting of dogs who are available for adoption.
Angel Animal Rescue group from Middletown, OH,  is linked to a sortable database of available animals nationwide.
Furkids Chihuahua and Toy Breed Rescues to  homeless Chihuahua and Toy Breed dogs from situations that are endangering, abusive, neglectful or otherwise unsuitable for the safety and well-being of the animal,  making the safety, security, well-being and humane treatment of rescued dogs its first and primary priority.
A  southern  California - specific  website ,
Animal  Matchers  has  lists  and  pictures,
created by  shelter volunteers ,  of  all  the dogs  in  the  
Los Angeles & Orange County vicinity ,  
information  on  adoption  fairs and   private  adoptions.
Listings of Chihuahuas and many other dogsavailable for adoption by       
Geographic location
Poodle Club of Tulsa, Inc. includes Breed Rescue Network link page
Love on a Leash, Tulsa, OK
Floyd & Caren Reiman  CUR #221
We are located throughout the the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. Rescue, nationwide referral services, foster, transport, breed information, dogs available for adoption with photos and contacts.
We're an All Breed Rescue located in Bloomington, Indiana.
Dee at (812)824-3589
Burlington City Pound/Des Moines County Humane Society
No-Kill Animal Shelter in IOWA.
Monicas Heart Greyhound Adoption is located in the Altoona/Johnstown area of PA.
East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue.  Our goals are: To rescue and rehabilitate Border Collies that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or placed in a situation where it is no longer appropriate that they stay in their present home, to find loving, permanent, and appropriate homes for these dogs, ensuring that the right match is made and our rescued Border Collies will have a second chance at a loving family for life, to educate the public about the characteristics and needs of our special breed, making them aware that this is a highly motivated, work-oriented breed.
Karen Lively
(Border Collie Rescue of MICHIGAN, Inc.)
with links to Border Collie Rescue organizations in CA, the Carolinas, NY, OR, TX, and WA
Kent County Border Collie Rescue, a Haven for this alert, intelligent Breed,
KCBCR is located in Kent County on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland, convenient to Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue, based in TX, is a national dog rescue organization. We rescue dogs that are at least 4 yrs old, and specialize in dogs from the Poodle & Bichon families.  The actual breed of dog is not known in most cases. We refer to all dogs as a "Type" instead of referring to them as "Purebred" or "Mixed breed."
Chow Dog Rescue is a California, tax exempt non-profit corporation dedicated to the welfare, rescue and placement of abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted chows and chow mixes in the 50 states.
Chow Dog Rescue operates solely on private and corporate donations.
Great Dane Rescue of northeastern PA. I specialize in Great Danes, but have been known to help all breeds. I am also an Animal Control Officer, so I do come across a lot of different kinds of pets that need some sort of help.  All of these dogs are tempermanent-tested with children, cats, other dogs and we do work on basic obedience commands. They live with me in my house until a proper home becomes available.